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William R. Gansline

The founder and president of Gansline and Associates is William R.Gansline. He graduated in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Environmental Design and the firm was established and has flourished since 1984. Having lived in Arizona, California and Hawaii, Gansline & Associates is licensed as a registered Architect in these states. The Gansline Company Inc. is the parent company of Gansline & Associates (DBA).

He is a licensed General Building Contractor and has been a Real Estate Agent in Arizona. He is president of Gansline Company, Inc., General Building Contractors, and owner of Gansline & Associates, Architecture and Planning.

Mr. Gansline has over 20 years of experience as a design architect and project manager. He has a broad background in feasibility analysis, design, construction management and government entity coordination for a diverse range of commercial and residential projects.

He has served as architect and/or project manager for hundreds of projects in Arizona, California and Hawaii. In this capacity he developed innovative solutions for projects involving environmental issues and regulatory agency concerns. The types of projects he has successfully designed and coordinated have included large single family homes on difficult sites, office interiors, resort properties,recreational facilities, retail and commercial centers, low rise office complexes and residential complexes.

Mr. Gansline has developed a number of projects for his own account including condominiums, residences  and office buildings. These projects involved planning, budgeting, financing, construction and property management.

Prior to establishing his businesses in Tucson, Arizona, William Gansline worked with several architectural firms in Arizona and California.